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Mar 13, 2013 6:00am EDT
. it would be a good opportunity to have a candid conversation. we know with his request to raise the debt ceiling again later this summer, we will be discussing again the possibility of finally solving our huge deficit and debt problem by making the kind of changes to the entitlement side that we now we have to make if we are going to save these programs and save our country. >> [inaudible] >> not since for a long time has the president failed to submit a proposed budget to the united states congress except for the current occupant in the white house who has missed that deadline four times out of five. if there is a better way to bring yourself irrelevant to the debate on the most important issue facing our country today, that might well be have taken the cake. the president's budget will not get here until after the house and the senate have passed their own budgets. if the president wants to be constructive and have to suggestions on how to put the budget in balance, he would send our budget that his budget in before the house and the senate passes their own budgets. that might be the r
Mar 13, 2013 5:00am EDT
starting at the end of march. we get to debt ceiling during the summertime and republicans won't raise the death ceiling unless we have cuts and democrats will revolt at that. i don't think that will happen. i think they'll find some way to raise it for another year or so in a way that's not terribly damaging to the economy because while republicans don't want tax increases, they also know they got decimated the last time we had a debt ceiling crisis and didn't look good coming out of the fiscal cliff and they nevada look good coming out of budget fights. it's not worst case scenario to kick the can down the road. that's what we'll do. >> you can look at this and shake your head at where we have come to without this normal budget making process, whatever normal used to be. markets continue to be at multiyear highs. we're not necessarily getting any cuts that are significant enough to derail growth in the long-term but at the same time we're not getting reform to encourage people about the budget and a balanced budget longer term but the market doesn't really seem to care completely sha
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Mar 12, 2013 6:00pm PDT
: what about when we hit the debt ceiling? because at that point the congress has the power of the purse. would you have the power at that point? >> so that's why we have a budget process, right? so our budget process, that our budget proposes to repeal that, patty murray i'm glad she's doing a budget and proposes a budget that raises taxes and never pass as budget, but the first time four years in the senate, that gives a pros cess where we can look at the spending in government and that's what the debt limit is about. by doing a budget process which we haven't done for four years, we can look at all government spending. right now with the continuing resolution, that just looks at a small slice of the pie, what we call discretionary spending which does not deal with the vast majority of obamacare spending. >> sean: all right. let me ask maybe the question another way. is there another way, assuming the senate and a radical agendaed president are never going to go along with repealing obamacare. is there a way that the house will ultimately be able to get that done? >> well, you'd have t
Mar 12, 2013 5:30pm PDT
for the debt ceiling fight that we're going to face this summer. with each of these things, it sort of feeds into the next budget battle. that's what it's meant to do this week. >> brown: in the meantime you have the president coming to capitol hill today for the first time with four meetings with all the different factions. what do you hear from members about either the ones who have already participated or are they looking forward to this? do they see something good coming out of it? what's going on? >> the great thing about hving the bully pulpit of the white house is even if people are critical of the president, it's always flattering to either get an invitation from the president to dinner or to have the president come visit politicians' turf by coming up to capitol hill. i talked with a number of senate republicans last week who seem to... you know, they seemed excited by the dinner. they were unclear if it would lead to a big budget deal. i think today senate democrats were a little less flattered but still excited that the president came up to capitol hill and they're hearing from hi
Mar 13, 2013 6:00am EDT
're just not messing up the entire game. >> they dealt with the debt ceiling before the last hour of possibilities. that showed we're antagonizing the american public. i think they realized they're losing a lot of confidence so the outliers, the extremists have been down a little bit. >> although they've also come up with the resolve. we're not going to back and say we're going to take the plan the administration laid down. seems to me they've toughened their resolves in terms of saying what they believe. >> that's a reasonable position. if we were in charge, this is what it would look like. but the american people elected us to come do a job. we're not going to stand in the way and derail the train, which is what they were threatening before. so it's much more reasonable, very encouraging. and to your point, now they're not in the way anymore. life can go on as usual. >> washington in general. >> can i make an argument that maybe they weren't in the way that we were using it an excuse that the whole uncertainty argument -- basically the economy has continued along despite washing
Mar 13, 2013 3:00am PDT
about sequesters, we are talking about debt ceilings and all of this, the post office is in the sights right now and very likely to' lose six-day mail and face real cuts unless congress intervenes. is there a chance that congress will intervene and tell the u.s. postal service not to do the six-day mail cut? >> you know, it's very interesting. the democrats and republicans came together in the united states senate on a postal reform bill that treated the postal service fairly. right now, they are being burdened by certain costs, retirement costs that are unrealistic. >> that's not what any other agent see or their competitors need to do. so what they wanted to be is treated fairly, to be able to do their mission in the most efficient way. they know that they have to maintain a certain level of service. otherwise, people won't use the postal service. six-day mail and the overnight mail mail. it's an important part of the expectations by the people who use the postal service. you start cutting this back, you start losing more and more patrons. so, the bill
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)